GiveOpp Signs up to Contribute to Humanitarian Causes Worldwide

With GiveOpp pledging to donate 80% of its profits to humanitarian causes across the globe, it is hard to think of reasons why it would be a bad idea to sign up for what looks like being another immensely successful venture from legendary marketing systems creator, Don Glanville. GiveOpp has pledged to donate such a potentially huge amount of money because it is committed to improving the lives of many poor and needy communities around the world. The founders of GiveOpp have already put the foundations in place for a series of schemes designed to help as many people as possible. Through strategic allegiances with non-profit and research organizations across a number of different countries, GiveOpp hopes to spend the cash where it is needed the most. Members who sign up to join GiveOpp can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their hard work will help to improve the lives of many individuals.

Don Glanville is already a successful creator of previous home business marketing systems. In the mid 2000’s, he was responsible for the immensely profitable Quicklister System, which rocketed Liberty League International into the big time. The Reverse Funnel System followed and the Global Resorts Network became the most successful home business of 2007 as a result. Not surprisingly, many business rivals, including Carbon Copy Pro, soon copied this very successful marketing system.

Today, industry insiders firmly believe that with Don Glanville as the creative genius behind the innovative GiveOpp, this brand new player in the lucrative world of home marketing businesses cannot possibly fail. Although membership thus far has been restricted to a few lucky individuals who were hand picked, it will soon be open to anyone to join, so those who want to get rich had better sit up and take note.

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Mila Seed Health Benefits

According to Dr. Bob Arnot, Mila Seed is 100% pure and natural. In ancient times, this miraculous raw food was consumed by the Aztecs when they needed energy and a blast of nutrition. Today, Mila Seed is on the verge of becoming world’s newest “Super Food” as it carries multiple nutritional components that your body craves for. Those who know about Mila Seed Scam realize the significance of Mila Seed and why it should become a part of our daily diet.

Connoisseurs and specialists find this raw food great because it keeps you full and helps you stay hydrated. Our human body receives plenty of vitamins and minerals from these Miracle Seeds, apart from natural energy and stamina.

For overweight individuals, Mila Seed is like a fat burner and a complete food. You will never starve if you take these miraculous seeds three times in a day (although a purely Mila seed diet is not recommended...). And it will also cut down your need for snacks and other eatables. But before you buy Mila Seeds, it’s better to read about this new product and gain information. You must know why you need these seeds and take them accordingly.

Of course, it’s also good to consult a doctor before consuming any high nutritional product.






Visa breaks the acai scam circle!

The decision by Visa Inc to ban the accounts of many deceptive acai berry scammers was a reason to celebrate for many. Most of those revelers were people who had at some point fallen prey to the vicious acai scam circle. Yes, it is a circle because once trapped, most never really came out until they canceled their cards! All attempts to cancel the subscription (which they never really made in the first place) proceed in vain until it takes a toll on their pocket!


The eagerness and excitement with which people sign up for the (apparently) free trial gets converted into regret and bitterness due to the shocking reality that is revealed shortly after! This not-so-appealing forced continuity scam written in small font or the inner pages is shrewdly overshadowed by the highlighted enticing free trial. The card details of the customer are extracted so as ostensibly to make a payment for the handling and shipping charges of the free rather false acai trial. Once that is revealed, the unfortunate buyer is trapped in the scam circle.


The mad rush to obtain acai berry products was the starting point for this circle. Add to this the media publicity of the acai scams, and the rate at which the scammers grew was greatly accelerated. The names of celebrities who showed a liking for acai products were dragged into concocted false endorsements and recommendations.


This goes to explain why Oprah Winfrey, Rachel ray and a few others have initiated legal action against these scamming companies. A comprehensive list of all acai selling companies and complains by the customers has been put up on the BBB website, and the FTC has set up a helpline to aid the victims of any scam. These and other assorted measures will ensure better acai sellers, and merchants that you actually feel that you can trust. The visa initiative also aims to help the few legitimate acai sellers online. This for sure has cracked, if not fully broken the acai scam circle!


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